Here at Complete Engineering you will find a team of well experienced passionate service technicians. We believe in longevity in the industry, so here you will find honest, upfront people.  We believe in doing a job once and doing it right!!

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Our team come from many varied backgrounds, 

Meet the team,

  • Bryan - Service Technician.  Currently residing in Upper Hutt.  Having completed a 5 year apprenticeship (to advanced trade cert level) in the Ministry of Works Trentham, he ventured out and joined Fuelquip Service as a service technician, and spent 10 years working in the petroleum industry.  From there he joined Burns & Ferrall and spent the next 9 years servicing the food and hospitality industry.  Bryan joined Complete Engineering Services 4 years ago continuing servicing, maintaining, and installation of equipment allied to food and hospitality.  Bryan enjoys working at Complete Engineering Services due to the fact that they are a family company that encourage to get along side the client and provide a service that is tailored to their individual needs - often something a large multinational company is unable to do.  To put it another way, a good old fashioned company offering good old fashioned service!!
  • David - Electrician. David is an electrician with many years experience in the electrical trade. David is mainly based at some of our larger permanent sites. However when the need arises, he helps out the other service techs with installation or fault finding work.
  • Johann - Apprentice.  Johann joined Complete Engineering Services at the end of 2015, having worked for many years with his father Peter during school holidays etc.  After finishing school Johann was eager to join the family business to start a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship.  Johann brings passion and commitment to the team.  Johann is a willing learner and is still to decide on his area of expertise within the Complete Engineering Team as he has a keen interest in Electrical Engineering also.  Johann lives locally and is a keen mountain-biker in his spare time.  What Johann enjoys most about working at Complete Engineering is the variety of work and the expertise of his work colleagues - he snaps up every opportunity he can to learn from them.
  • John - Manager Laser Alignment & Vibration Analysis.  John completed a Fitting Apprenticeship at the Hutt Railway Workshops.  Once qualified he then remained in the manufacturing and alternative fuel industry, maintaining and installing machinery and plant in NZ and overseas. John enjoys the variety of work at Complete Engineering.  He also raves about our great machine shop and fabrication equipment, as this allows for so much work to be done in house.
  • Mita - Electrical Service Technician & Mechanical Engineer.  Once completing his Level 2 qualification in Applied Mechanical Engineering at Weltec, Mita spent 18 months in structural engineering at Burnsfield Engineering.  Following that Mita joined Taylor Services working on Commerical kitchen and laundry equipment.  Mita also worked with Hardy Trade Supply as their Equipment Service and Cleaner - during this time Mita completed his 1st year Level 2 Electrical Engineering.  Mita has been with Complete Engineering Services for 2 years and during this time has attained his EST licencing and completed his apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Paul - Service Technician.  Paul has many years experiance in the Food and Packaging industry. He enjoys being out on site helping customers sort out any problems or issues they may have. With his vast knowlege of machinery he is a real asset at Complete Engineering Services.
  • Peter - Engineer, Owner.  After finishing school at the age of 16 Peter joined his father's business as a Fitter & Turner apprentice and as a young 16 year old - some 30 ++ years ago, Peter showed a passion for Engineering in the food industry.  Following his dream, in 1996 Peter travelled overseas and undertook training in many factories of suppliers of equipment in many New Zealand bakeries, he observed how the Europeans approached their engineering to the food industry and came back to New Zealand and established his business in 1999 as a specialist engineer to the food industry.  Peter's passion was to educate bakeries on prevention is better than cure and couldn't emphasise enough the importance of scheduled maintenance!! Today Peter leads an enthusiastic, committed team of service tech's and engineers!  Peter shows 200% commitment to his clients - as owner/operators he respects that "time is money" hence his desire to have a fully equipped and functioning workshop and service team, on 24/7 to keep everything running.  What does Peter enjoy about working at Complete Engineering?  Making the difference for his clients - actually, being the difference for his clients!!! 



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